Dreamscape Marketing develops an interactive, cross device platform, 360° virtual tour experience

With our proprietary 360° content player and online marketing platform, Dreamscape Marketing simplifies immersive virtual tour and full surround video production and delivery. Fully engage your prospects and partners by showing them your facilities from anywhere, virtually on any device. Add further interaction with an immersive 360° interactive video tour.

How many people visited your facility last month? How would you like that number to be hundreds — or thousands?

Not every prospective patient can jump on a plane to visit your facility. A lot of people all across the country have busy schedules and limited funds that don’t allow for traveling to visit your center. How do you get these people into your facility so that they can look around? The answer is simple — Virtual Visits.

The Key To Increasing Admissions To Your Addiction Treatment Center

With Virtual Visits, prospective patients will be able to look around your campus and view your amenities from their own homes in an immersive experience that makes them feel as if they are really there in your beautiful facility. They can stand inside and look around in every direction just as they would if they were there in person. By using a mobile device placed in a specially designed 360° virtual reality viewer,

someone hundreds or thousands of miles away can stand inside your facility and look around in any direction or view the grounds just like “live” visitors would do. Virtual visits mean hundreds of people can spend as much time as they want touring your facility every day of the week, 24 hours a day —that’s something you could never accomplish with only “physical” visitors coming to your center.

Virtual Reality As A Marketing Tool

It’s all accomplished by your outreach coordinators or your referral partners sending prospective patients 360° VR viewers that have been branded with your facility’s logo and tagline. The experience of the Virtual Visit will encourage users to call you or fill out a contact form while motivation remains strong. It’s kind of like the Hubspot of virtual reality.

But Virtual Visits are far more than just a virtual tour. Dreamscape’s comprehensive marketing platform and guides will help you effectively market using 360° virtual reality as a starting point for increasing traffic to your facility.

360° Virtual Reality Features

  • Embed on your site
  • Google search engine optimized
  • Interactive call to actions
  • Link tracking
  • Call tracking
  • Contact form tracking
  • Full video tours
  • Embedded video players

Backed Up With a Comprehensive Marketing Platform for Optimal Results

Many companies can create a virtual tour for you. Dreamscape Marketing does much more than that. With our full marketing platform, we will continually add improvements and new features, which may include on-demand virtual visits, personalized tracking and guided 360° video facility previews.

Ready to increase admissions? Virtual Visits, backed by our comprehensive marketing platform, can get you there!

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