360 Custom Branded Viewer


Product Description

Lightweight, flat-pack custom branded 360 tour viewer.  Constructed of lightweight plastic and self adhesive lenses, the custom branded viewer quickly unfolds from a flat 6.5″ square.  Viewers come with assembly and virtual tour instructions.  Shipped with your company logo and virtual tour URL, this low cost viewer is ideal for:

  • Trade Show Booths  You can give away large numbers of Standard VR Viewers at your booth. This can be particularly effective if someone has tried the Premium Viewer at your booth and he or she wants others who aren’t present to see it.
  • Referral Partners – You can give viewers to partner rehabs or detox centers. This will have a greater effect than referral partners handing out brochures and or relying on them to talk up your facility. A Virtual Visit promotes your facility in a uniquely immersive way.
  • AA Meetings – A golden opportunity to distribute Standard VR Viewers. Far more effective than people at the meeting just mentioning your facility. Here’s an opportunity to let AA Meeting attendees virtually walk inside and see your treatment center.
  • Alumni – With the help of inexpensive Standard VR Viewers or Premium VR Viewers, your alumni can engage their network in a whole new way.